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People behind Galleristic

We are Galleristic!

Fantastic Arts for You – that is exactly our motto. The team behind this art gallery consists of commercial, creative and digital specialists, as well as our three founders Manfred Vogelsänger, Mike Jacobi and Carsten Kölsch.

We all share a passion for art. We would like to bring these even closer to you here online, but also through pop-up exhibitions, vernissages and reports, and thus hope that you will find what you are looking for in your search for your new favourite work of art, favourite artist or even investment.

Art is made by people for people; that’s why it is important to us that you can reach us personally, from person to person. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to write to us via one of the current messengers:

+49 (0)176 9773 7884 WhatsApp / Telegram

Our new Artworks

Cuba Skateboarders






TAKE Thursday


itszoko No.5.6




Popup Exhibitions

We do not want to limit our activities to the internet. There will always be vernissages and exhibitions in different cities organised by our artists and by us, to which we will invite you!

If you are interested, please write to us.

Coming soon!

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Commissioned art

Some of our artists also like to work on art objects based on your imagination as a customer. You have the unique opportunity to have a work of art created by an artist according to your ideas. It is then not only a unique piece, it is a work of art based on your ideas. Talk to us about this topic. We are happy to tackle this issue with you.

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We are looking for new artists, apply!

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Serie of the Month

We chose the Barbie series by Delia Dickmann because of its unique idea. She puts the familiar (Barbie) into a new context.

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When registering with us, you can choose between a free registration and a registration as a Gallersticer. in both cases they benefit from special advantages

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We make a pre-selection of the submissions in order to be able to constantly ensure quality.


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