Painting | Digital Painting
United Kingdom

About the artist

"The digital tools for painting give my ideas a whole new set of possibilities"

ZOKO is a contemporary artist living and working in London, UK. Multi-talented and creative, as a young person he quickly realized that visual art was the best way to express himself. He is predominantly a figurative artist, but often creates abstract artwork and fuses the two. In his work, he uses sharp contrasts to create eye-catching images.

Throughout his artistic career, ZOKO has experimented with a variety of materials and techniques. After exploring a number of different new mediums, he began using digital technologies in 2017, which offered new opportunities and creative possibilities. Since then, digital art has become his preferred means of expression.


“There is something very intense and unsettling about ZOKO’s work. His extraordinary treatment of the figure is reminiscent of a handful of Europe’s great Expressionists, not least the tortured mind of Egon Schiele and the ugly obsessions of Otto Dix. ZOKO’s artwork is at once spare and suffocating. He delivers an uncompromising world of aching sensibility and disciplined stoicism. A refugee from his own country, ZOKO is currently presenting a selection of his work in London for the first time at one of the most outstanding shows in the capital to date. ” – Ria Higgins, What’s On Magazine.