Tom Hegen

Photography | Photo art | Aerial photography

About the artist

"I am interested in the relationship between man and nature"

Tom Hegen works as a photographer and graphic designer in Munich. In his photographic projects he deals with the influence of man on his environment. He documents the relationship between man and nature through aerial photography. He focuses on landscapes that have been heavily altered by human intervention. His photographs are abstract and aesthetic and invite us to discover our earth from a new perspective.

His photography not only reflects the spirit of the times, it also inspires and awakens and thus creates a new sensibility in dealing with nature. He has already received several awards for his artistic landscape photographs, including the renowned German Design and Red Dot Award.

Tom Hegen

He was born in Königsbrunn, Bavaria in 1991, studied graphic design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and now lives in Munich as a graphic designer and photographer. In the course of his final thesis at the university, he became increasingly involved with photography. His interest in the bird’s eye view was sparked after a long-distance flight from New Zealand to Germany, when sitting at the window, the earth fascinated him from above. In his works, he focuses on the traces that man leaves in his environment as he creates his living space. His first coffee table book was “Habitat” of 2018. Tom Hegen’s works have been awarded with much respected creative prizes, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award or the International Photography Award.