Sara Dario

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About the artist

"Ceramics - shaped, built and united with memory photographs".

Sara Dara fuses sculpture and photography through the technique Silk Screen, the production of silkscreen matrices with photographic means. It prints in colour at high temperatures directly onto raw porcelain. Thanks to this technique, she can cut out, deconstruct, reconstruct and model images to create photo sculptures and installations. In her creative process, photography is as integral to art as sculptural form. The pieces are all connected by the concept of movement, inspired by the wind as it blows through the trembling trees or the waving meadows.

Sara Dario

She was born in Venice in 1976. She later obtained her baccalaureate at the Higher School of Art and her doctorate in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. During her academic studies she became interested in photography and printing processes, not only in traditional black and white and color printing, but especially in unconventional printing processes, such as photogravure and photo-serigraphy, by printing on different materials and supports. These techniques were deepened during a period of about 3 years at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Munich – Bavaria). At the end of her academic studies she attended a course in ceramics, with the idea of being able to print her photographs on this material as well; in the following period she discovered that earthenware and porcelain are materials that make silkscreen prints more profound. She uses the material to create utilitarian objects and uses porcelain with its delicacy and transparency for the installations and for the art objects.

Her aesthetic research aims to unite sculpture with photography so that she can concretize her ideas. The personal trigger is connected to the memory and to the souvenir. They are images that come from lived experience; they are often memory photographs of situations and feelings associated with everyday moments. They are printed directly on fresh clay with inks that have a high temperature. Thus, the clay is modeled together with the photo.

Works | Series

Art objects made of porcelain and photographs


2019 | Nice, France
“Blanch the China Blue the Nice”, Palais Massena

2019 | Aveiro, Portugal
“Biennial Of Ceramic Art ” Museu Ceramica

2019 | Jingedezhen, China

“International exposition”, Taoxchuan ART Museum of CAFA

2018 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

“International Ceramics Triennial UNICUM, National Museum Slovenia

2018 | Capraia, Italy

“Artisti della ceramica”, Fornace Pasquinucci.

2017 | Bassano del Grappa, Italy

“Extra Murum”

2017 | Karlruhe, Germany
“Eunique di Karlsruhe”

2017 | Carouge, Swiss

“Mirror” Musée de Carouge

2016 | Vallauris, France

“24th International Vallauris Biennale”












2016 | Mantova, Italy
“Sculture di luce ” e quando il sole cade, la città si accende” Palazzo Ducale

2015 | Città di Castello, Italy

“Terrae – ceramics in informal and contemporary research”
with “Favelas”

2015 | Faenza, Italy

“59° Premio Faenza”, with “Favela”

2015 | Munich, Germany

“Ceramics-formed and built” in the “Galerie Handwerk

2014 | Westerwald, Germany

“International prize of Contemporary Ceramics

2013 | Faenza, Italy

“58° Premio Faenza”, with “Voyeurisme”

2013 | Padova, Italy

“Futuro Anteriore”: Light installation in porcelain “Il Viaggiatore”.








2019 Golden Award “Thirteenth edition of the International Biennial of Ceramic Art of Aveiro” (Portugal)

2019 Silver Award “Blanc the Chine – International ceramic art awards” with Whale on Whale (Chine/France)

2018 Silver Award “International Biennial Martinsons Awards”, Daugavpils, (Latvia)

2018 Honor Mention “V° International Ceramic Biennale”, Ascoli Piceno, (Italy)

2017 Golden Award “Inspiration: Porcelain – Ceramics Meseum Westerwald” with “Von de Fenster”, (Germany)

2017 Honor Mentions and Public Award “Concours International de Ceràmica de L’Alcora” with “Memoria Andata”, (Spain)

2014 Golden Award “City Diessen”, with the theme “Circle and the sphere” presenting the work “Favela”, (Germany)