Ronny Cameron

Painting | Abstract Art
Germany | Scotland

About the artist

"The versatility of nature constantly inspires my artistic creations"

The Scottish artist Ronny Cameron was born in Glasgow in 1944. He studied art at the Fine Art Academy in Brighton. Since 1972 he lives in Geretsried in Germany, where he works as a freelance artist.

Ronny Cameron

Although Ronny Cameron gave up his artistic activities in the mid-1980s for family reasons, the thought of painting never left him and so in 2014 he took up brush and paint again to deal with his experiences and feelings in painting. His representational works show situations in a realistic manner and with powerful directness. His abstract works, on the other hand, require a close look in order to obtain a clear explanation.

When he walks in nature, he says, “I sometimes see scenes that look to me like finished paintings.” Later he tries to interpret these scenes in his own way. Cameron doesn’t want to copy these scenes, he says, “I can’t do that, I want to bring them to the screen in a different way so the viewer can see these scenes in a different way.” In music there are examples of such “scenes” / “interpretations” for him, such as the song by the Beatles “With a Little Help From My Friends”; a great song but through the interpretation of Joe Cocker the song gets a different life breathed into it. Although the lyrics and notes are the same, it has become a different song, Cameron explains. The same with the song “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack, which was reinterpreted by the group The Fugees. A totally new song has emerged. He wants to do something similar with his paintings. He takes something from nature and reinterprets it for himself.

Artist vita:

  • Born 1944 in Glasgow, Scotland
  • 1966 – 1968 Carlisle Coll. of Art (Bauhaus Basics)
  • 1968 – 1971 Brighton Coll. of sorts
  • 1971 Honours Degree “Fine Art” (BA), Brighton College of Art
    Tutor Mr. David Whitaker, Winner of the Mark Rothko Award” 1973
  • 1972 Screen printing semester, Brighton Polytechnic
  • 1972 Move to Germany and marriage
  • from 1973 smaller exhibitions – savings banks, town hall etc.
  • from 1979 collaboration with Prof. Helmut Friedel, Lenbachhaus Munich
  • 1979 Birth of our son
  • From 1984 beginning of an art break, which lasted until 2014
  • 2014 Restart of the art activity
Works | Series

“In my abstract paintings I try to depict/interpret scenes from my memories of mornings delivering milk outside school in Glasgow, Scotland. The sun rises over the small hills in the east of Scotland and burns before disappearing behind the clouds. And during that time the sun gives the first energy to the forests, the flowers, the plants and the earth and they give back in return all the changing colors, amazing.”


Group Exhibitions:

2019 | Munich, Germany

Annual exhibition members BBK

2018 | Berg, Germany

2018 | Munich, Germany
ARTmuc art fair may

2018 | Munich, Germany
ARTmuc Art Fair Nov

2018 | Rosenheim, Germany
Kunstverein Rosenheim members exhibition

2018 | Munich, Germany
Annual exhibition members BBK

2017 | Rosenheim, Germany
Kunst Verein Rosenheim “Kunst Aktuell” annual exhibition

2017 | Mohr, Germany

Groups Exhibition Art Association Freisnger Mohr

2016 |Vienna, Austria
Burn-In Gallery Vienna

2016 | Kitzbühl, Austria
City Gallery Kitzbühl

2016 | Munich
Authors Gallery 1 Munich

2016 | Rosenheim, Germany
Municipal. Gallery Rosenheim “Kunst Aktuell

2016 | Geretsriede
Geretsried cultural autumn “Villa Bunterkunst

1981 | Munich, Germany
“Nine English Painters”, Lothringerstr. Munich

Individual exhibitions

2020 | KV Ottobrunn

2019 | Ismaning, Germany
Gallery in the castle pavilion

2017 | Munich, Germany
Dirk Halverscheid Gallery

2017 | Amberger, Germany

Amberger, Congress Centrum

1982 | Munich, Germany

British Consulate, Munich

1981 |Munich, Germany
Art Forum, Maximilianstr. Munich