Patrizia Casagranda

Painting | Collages | Mixed media

About the artist

"I deliberately work with different materials and techniques to create an interesting aesthetic of familiarity and strangeness"

Patrizia Casagranda’s works are expressive symbioses of collage, painting and graffiti. In her picture series, the German-Italian creates enchanting worlds between nostalgic chic and street art. To create this special style, the artist deliberately incorporates the rusting process into the creation of her works. Contemporary beauties are projected onto the desolate charm of an advertising pillar. In an era of increasingly digital art, Casagranda’s works rely on a tangible materiality. Layer by layer, they reveal to the viewer weathered metal, torn and yellowed paper, and structures reminiscent of crumbling plaster. In this way, they also prove to be reflections on the fast-moving media world with its seemingly daily changing advertising campaigns and ideals of beauty.

Patrizia Casagranda

The German-Italian Casagranda was born in Stuttgart in 1979 and currently lives in Krefeld. In 2002 she completed her design diploma at the FH Niederrhein with distinction. After changing jobs, among others for Markus Lüpertz and Günther Uecker, she has been working as a freelance artist in Germany, the Netherlands and India since 2015.

Her art is characterized by expressive symbioses of collage, painting and street art elements. In doing so, her works exhibit a sculptural tangibility through relief-like surfaces of undulations, mortar, burls, and furrows on recycled materials. The resulting three-dimensionality of her works creates an impressive effect of depth, which at close range appear like abstract reliefs, but from a distance become expressive portraits of women.
In a time of increasing digitalization, which does not stop at art either, Casagranda deliberately relies on a tangible materiality in her works.
On wood panels, jute or truck tarpaulins, it creates relief-like, jagged surfaces from waves, furrows, mortar and knobs. Casagranda works with the collage principle as well as with its opposite, the removal of decollage: it flames the top layer of corrugated cardboard to expose the corrugated profile. She covers fabric over paper, applies graffiti writing.

In the paintings of the latest series of 2020/2021 Patrizia Casagranda works on portraits of famous old masters like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or the Girl with the Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer. These pictures evoke a great emotionality in the viewer, which the artist wants to transport and preserve in our time. In some cases, Casagranda applied up to twenty layers in these works and integrated four-hundred-year-old writings.

Patrizia Casagranda’s works can be seen at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Numerous awards from the international art scene in recent years mark the success of her distinctive style.