Martina Ziegler

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About the artist

Magical double helix of intuitive painterly imagination and deconstruction

Metafoto. This term, hitherto unknown and uncommon in aesthetics, describes Martina Ziegler’s innovative process of image making, in which the extremely sophisticated, analogue and digitally intertwined methodology of creative processing plays the decisive role for the artistically unique result.

Martina Ziegler

Ziegler calls her style of art, in which she works with painting and photography, “metafoto” .

What is unique about Martina Ziegler’s current work?

While old masters usually painted their motifs “according to nature”, in modernism the multimedia and experimental process increasingly became the object of artistic interest. Ziegler, on the other hand, has never created images. At all times, the portraits she nevertheless called portraits were basically all imaginary objects of her creative desire. But whereas a few years ago she still saw faces when she painted – and in each case depicted the respective “persona” as if she had been her model – she subsequently proceeded to “disillusion” her ideal-typical figures and gradually transformed them into completely free figurations.

Artistic career

Studies: Liberal Arts / International University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design, Cologne.
Internship: Glasmalerei Henseler, Cologne (restoration of cathedral windows)
Studies: Visual Communication / University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration).
Graduation: Diploma Designer
Profession: Art and Creative Director with focus on film (Member of the Board).
Further: 2001 – 2010: free artistic activity in the field of painting and experimental graphics. Sideline as a freelancer in the fields of design, fashion and architecture.
Since 2011: exclusively artistic freelance work.

Selection of stays abroad (related to the artistic theme):

  • Tokyo // Experience in a Japanese corporate culture (Seiko watches, award NY Festival)
  • Istanbul, Izmir // several weeks of collaboration with a Turkish creative director
  • Miami, Los Angeles // Collaboration with a US director
  • Casablanca, Marrakech, Erfoud (Sahara) // film project lasting several weeks in an Islamic country
  • New York // independent collaboration with a film producer
  • London, Milan, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris // transnational European film project (creative lead and Europe-wide direction)
Works | Series

Multiple Portraits

The series of multiple portraits deals with the complexity of women.

In addition, the artist’s interest in new, visual means of expression is evident in an elaborate combination of painting, photography and digital painting.

Just as the fly’s compound eye perceives a multitude of tiny details and assembles them into an overall image, so it creates surprising new views of female portraits. At first, one may be reminded of cubist or impressionist pictorial concepts, which she, however, develops further and combines into completely new pictorial worlds.

Her images of women are becoming more and more complex, not only from an artistic-technical point of view, but also in terms of their charisma.

The metamorphosis to abstraction is an often inevitable process in art. All of a sudden the ideal-typical face disappears as the object of artistic interest. What is new, however, is the result. The personal state of the art that Martina Ziegler reveals with her aesthetic work.The quality of artistic intelligence that it radiates is far ahead of the much invoked artificial intelligence, as far as it is currently presented to us.She gives us a hint with her titles. Portraits remain. For the original material from which she draws her current portraits consists of the digital data of her analogue paintings, which she has executed in the traditional manner with the brush in acrylic on canvas.

In July 2020 Martina Ziegler started the project “Frances & me”, a cross-generational artistic liaison with her daughter Frances (*1998) and at the same time a homage to the US artist Jenny Holzer, who celebrated her seventieth birthday in the same year.

Under the title “Protect me from what I want”, Jenny Holzer, 1982 (schütze mich vor dem, was ich will), mother and daughter deal artistically with their respective desires and ideas. In doing so, the different views and experiences flow together, critically and constructively.

Portrait paintings by Frances Ziegler are put into a new context by Martina Ziegler’s technique. Surprising, ironic, serious or provocative synergies are created.


Upcoming 4/2021 | Düsseldorf, Germany
Mission Venusberg 250 years of Beethoven Christ Church

Upcoming | Düsseldorf, Germany
No7 PhotoPopUpFair, Virtual Visions/Metafoto, Stilwerk

11/2020 | Düsseldorf, Germany
Multiples/Abstracts/Portraits, ex Gallery Hans Mayer

09/2020 | Essen, Germany
Solo exhibition – Metafoto, Ludwig Kleebolte Gallery

11/2019 | Düsseldorf, Germany
No6 PhotoPopupFair, Multiples and Abstracts, Stilwerk

09/2019 | Düsseldorf, Germany
Solo exhibition – DNA.Multiples become Abstracts, Gallery SANDERS / SOHN

11/2018 | Düsseldorf, Germany
No5 PhotoPopUpFair, Multiple Portraits, Stilwerk

12/2017 | Düsseldorf, Germany

10/2017 | Cologne-Bedburg, Germany
Cult, Multiple and Others, Elf in the Glass House

11/2016 | Düsseldorf, Germany
No2 Multiple Portraits, PhotoPopupFair, Stilwerk

10/2016 | Meerbusch, Germany
Solo exhibition – Multiple and Others, Villa Löwenburg

05/2016 | Meerbusch, Germany
Art from Meerbusch, Painting, Encounters, Tely Mühle Lank

05/2015 | Düsseldorf,Germany
Solo exhibition – Multiple Portraits, Showroom Blennemann

05/2015| Meerbusch, Germany
Art from Meerbusch, Painting, Tely Mühle Lank

12/2013 | Düsseldorf, Germany
Solo exhibition Penthouse KWS 166, Encounters and Turbans