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"I photograph what I can't paint and paint what I can't photograph"

As a painter and photographer Martina Chardin shows In her works she combines painting and photography classically in their purest form, but often also with each other, for this she uses, among other things, a variety of digital possibilities. Her paintings are largely informal, often her abstract works also have landscape references. Chance, composition, transparency and a story play a central role in her work.

Martina Chardin

The artist combines painting and photography in her art, moving on an interface between abstraction and concretion. At these interfaces, empty spaces are created in a figurative sense, which the viewer immediately fills with his or her own interpretations, feelings and moods. Characteristic of her art is a light-filled transparency that often makes the works seem almost surreal.

Particularly appealing, for example, is the series of beach pictures in which she uses banal vacation photos as the basis for her artistic research. With acrylic and sand the prints are painted over and further. Individual scenes become condensed, motifs become isolated. By concentrating on the essential, certain gestures become striking and turn into metaphors for something beyond what is shown. Airy atmospheric pictures are created, which show an endless distance of bright light and seem to be lifted out of time and space.

This indeterminate distance can also be found in her abstract landscapes. In these works Martina Chardin detaches herself even more from the representational, so that only vague mimetic allusions can be found. The painting process seems to be in the foreground, in which the productive, pictorial power of the artist is expressed. Seen in this light, a self-reflexive moment can certainly be found in the abstract landscapes.

Reflection in turn connects the landscapes with the photographic portraits over which the artist superimposes abstract paintings. Those portrayed en face enter into an immediate dialogue with the viewer and questions immediately arise, as they do with the beach pictures. The traces of painting become significant. What do they show and what do they hide? Are they layering, skinning, showing different aspects of the soul? With these works, Martina Chardin makes the multidimensionality of human beings visible and at the same time points to the richness and potential of the imagination that is inherent in man as a creative being.

Martina Chardin seeks in her art to fathom the essential, to trace the phenomenon of being. The unbound play with opposites such as the abstract and the representational, the designated and the unclear, the concealing and the uncovering, painting that is free and formless and closed form, make up what is special about her work. The light-flooded transparency of the works invites aesthetic experiences in which the viewer can mirror himself. Leaving room for this is evidence of the artist’s great sensitivity, attentiveness and precise powers of observation.
Dr. Stefanie Lucci


Born 1961 in Jülich, 1978-1980 FOS for design in Aachen; student of the painter Herb Schiffer from Düren, 1980-1982 training as photo lab assistant, 1985-1987 training as photographer in Düsseldorf, since 1987 freelance painter and photographer, 1997-2001 student of Wolfgang Horn (member Düsseldorfer Malkasten), 2002 studio, Haan, since 2012 studio, Mettmann.

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Digital art- summer swimming _ i say no _ Remembrance of the future _ Everything in flux


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2020 | Mettmann | Germany
Members’ exhibition, Kunsthaus Mettmann

2019 | Mettmann | Germany
MEopenArt, Art House Mettmann

2018 | Mettmann | Germany
MeOpenart, members exhibition Kunsthaus Mettmann

2017 | Crime scenes | Neanderland
MeOpenArt, Skrale Buildings Gallery Weuthen

2017 | Crime scenes | Neanderland
MeOpenArt, Skrale Buildings Gallery Weuthen

2nd place, jury prize, MEopenArt 2018, panta rhei

3rd place,audience award,MEopenArt 2018, panta rhei

1st place, jury prize at MEopenArt 2017, Tour de France

1st place, Filmstiftung NRW 2011, Location Photo