Maria Pia Pascoli

Painting | Textile Art

About the artist

"The thread that communicates my feelings and moods as well as strong and disruptive messages"

Pascoli’s art is said to resemble delicate actions. There is nothing loud in their works and no commercial concessions. They are intimate and lively, dreamy yet attentive, sometimes even ethically and socially engaged.

Maria Pia Pascoli

Meaning and content of the artistic work

The absolute protagonist of her works is “the thread”, a fragile and seemingly insignificant element. Through a dense network of weft and warp threads, “the thread” can be broken, frayed, stretched and overlaid to communicate different feelings and moods as well as strong and disturbing messages. With this background, numerous works have been created to date, to name but a few: “Mediterraneo” (2018), depicting the desperation of many refugees at sea; “Burka” (2009) on the difficult and complex situation of women; “Focus” (2018) or “Cosmic Explosion” (2008).

The central theme of the last artistic period is inspired by the “shadows and lights” of small pieces of reality that one rarely pays attention to, which for Pascoli are evidence of the passage of a hasty and inattentive humanity.


Solo exhibitions

2009 | Rome, Italy
“Trame” – Galleria dei Leoni

Group exhibitions

2018 | Rome, Italy
Sconfini, Room 79 Art Gallery

2016 | Rome, Italy
Cosmographies, Varco Pigneto

2012 | Rome, Italy
Babilonia, Sale dell’Agostiniana

2012 | Milan, Italy
Women Rinascita, Gallery Passepartout

2012 | Rome, Italy
Cosmographies, Domus Talenti

2010 | Rome, Italy
FIAR International Art Festival Rome, Cascina Farsetti, Villa Doria Pamphilj

2010 | Rome, Italy
The Colours of the World: International Review of Contemporary Art, International Centre OAD

Rome (2010) – Sale del Bramante, Open Art Prize, 1st place in the section painting

Rome (2012) – Sale del Bramante, Open Art Prize