Emil Bartlomiejczak

Germany | Poland

About the artist

"Always see nature anew"

The symbolism of the stone is in equal measure self-evidence, simplicity and clarity, as well as abstraction, an encroachment of time and magic. The stone contains within itself an eternal information about being without creating a question mark. The stone “is” constant, which is its greatest, but also most complicated and also simplest secret.

Works | Series

Sculptures made of fiberglass fabric, epoxy resin & styrofoam


Annual | Düsseldorf, Germany
“The small format”, annual exhibition of the members Kunstverein Malkasten

2016 | Wlooclawek, Poland
“3Colors”,Palle Lewandowski Art Gallery, Pictures.

2008 | Remagen, Germany
Trees pencil pictures,drawings,Villa Heros.

2005 | Cologne, Germany
“Coincidence” Painting, Drawing, IGNIS European Cultural Centre

2001 | Recklinghausen, Germany
Polski, Pastel Paintings, Cathedral

2000 | Werne on the Lippe, Germany
Painting, Gallery Tadeusz Bulinski

1998 | Dortmund, Germany
Painting, Gallery Tadeusz Bulinski

1996 | Cologne, Germany
Abstract painting, Foyer Heinersdorf-Theater

1995 – 1996 | Berlin, Germany
“Message in a bottle to our grandchildren” Gallery of the Polish Cultural Institute

1994 | Düsseldorf, Germany
“Lights in the forest”, pastel paintings, Grafenberg Hospital

1995 | Düsseldorf, Germany
“Lights in the forest”, pastel paintings, Flehe retirement home

1991 | Düsseldorf, Germany
Annual exhibition of Düsseldorf artists, pastel paintings, Kunstpalast

1988 – 1989 | Solingen, Germany
pastel paintings, Heinrichs Pharmacy

1987 | Cologne, Germany
Oil painting, Gallery Großer Bachem