Dieter Nusbaum

Painting | Multiple Layer | Collages

About the artist

"Art is transported emotion"

Figurative and abstract, realistic and surrealistic at the same time. Anyone who wants to describe Dieter Nusbaum’s works faces a real challenge: they cannot be assigned to any subject. It doesn’t open up a pigeonhole to put him in. Nussbaum’s art is unique, very personal, sometimes even private and highly innovative. “His pictorial worlds, which are multi-layered in the truest sense, are unfathomable,” is how Dr. Jörg Bockow describes journalist and art critic Dieter Nusbaum.

Dieter Nusbaum

Nusbaum’s works invite us to linger and escape reality, if only briefly. His ideas and emotions surface on the surface of consciousness and connect his art with something strange, something surreal, but true.

Nusbaum graduated from the Liège School of Art in 1999 and his work encompasses painting, graphics and sculpture. Born in Neuerburg in 1972, Nusbaum draws on a large repertoire of objects and ideas for his art, working with canvas and other materials, but the works themselves and the means and materials used also vary. Pictures are created on canvas or paper, but also boxes and objects, which are then formed into new being.

The intense, often bright colours, the strong contrasts and the creative method are a common theme. Nusbaum begins with an irregular application of paint on the canvas and builds up layer by layer. This gives the works different levels and a noticeable depth. Similarly, the objects are created in which the layers build up into a three-dimensional impression, sometimes reminiscent of a stage – on which very different stars such as portraits of women or squares can appear.

Nusbaum’s work is characterized by a strong creative drive, fed by an obvious passion and sense of purpose. His works can be found in numerous private and public collections as well as in public spaces as art on buildings.


2021 | Overhead Gallery
Art Karlsruhe

2021 | Showroom Obersgegen
Mind and Matter

2020 | Rheinterrasse Düsseldorf
Night roll 3.0

2020 | Overhead Gallery
RoomShow Münster

2020 | Drive-In Gallery, CologneBonn Airport, Overhead Gallery
Night roll 2.0

2020 | Groupshow Gallery Nolte, Münster
On the road

2020 | Groupshow, PART2Gallery, Düsseldorf

2019 | PART2Gallery, Düsseldorf
Very modern art for a very modern Christmas

2019 | Münster

2019 | Museum Triangle St. Vith/Belgium

2019 | Overhead Gallery
AAF London Battersea

2019 | Münster District Government
Calibri – Solo Show

2019 | Cologne

2019 | PART2Gallery, Düsseldorf
Afternoon Roll

2019 | Gallery K
Nola – Charity Exhibition

2019 | Gallery Fox, Eupen/Belgium

2019 | Düsseldorf
Night Roll

2019 | PART2Gallery, Düsseldorf
Family Album – Solo Show

2019 | Overhead Gallery
AAF London Hampstead

2019 | Part2Gallery
Art Sylt

2019 | Part2Gallery

2019 | Gallery K
Lausanne Art Fair

2019 | Overhead Gallery
Paris Art Fair

2019 | Edelfrei, Bamberg

2019 | Gallery Nolte, Münster

2019 | Gallery Fox, Eupen/Belgium
Saturday Evening Post – Solo Show

2019 | Overhead Gallery
Art Innsbruck- Solo show

2018 | Gallery Kaschenbach
Luxembourg Art Fair

2018 | Wine House Irrel

2018 | Münster

2018 | Overhead Gallery
AAF Singapore

2018 | Cologne

2018 | Overhead Gallery
AAF London Battersea

2018 | Night of the Museums and Galleries, Galerie Nolte, Münster
Saturday Evening Post

2018 | Gallery Overhead
AAF London Hampstead

2018 | Gallery K
Lausanne Art Fair- Solo show

2018 | Gallery Simon Nolte/Münster

2018 | Gallery A Spiren, Strassen/Luxembourg
New works

2018 | Hanover, Überkopf Gallery
Art Fair Herrenhausen Palace

2018 | Overhead Gallery
Art Innsbruck