Christian Schuster

Photography | Landscape photography

About the artist

"Painting with sunlight means waiting, patience and the right eye "click"!"

Christian Schuster. Enthusiast. Passionate. Experts. Still-lifer (alternatively: photographer) with heart and soul. The search for the perfect subject is his drive – the simplicity and clarity of the perfect moment is his mission. His works show one thing above all: the magic of the right eye “click”!

Already in his school days Christian Schuster founded the rock band “THE LUMBERMEN”. With this band he played in discos and at school parties often together with Marius Müller-Westernhagen and his band “Harakiri Whoome” at that time as well as “Kraftwerk”. In his high school years he had art lessons with Bert Gerresheim, Gotthard Graubner and Heinz Mack. He describes this phase as “an important and formative experience”. After graduating from high school, it was clear to him that he wanted to pursue a career in the arts. He decided to train as a commercial photographer. He was fascinated by Still-Life. Only after his training did he assist Chareles Compere and Klaus Ohlenforst, and in 1982 he met Manfred Vogelsänger, an advertising photographer who was active worldwide. He worked as a still-life photographer in the Vogelsänger Studio in Düsseldorf until 1985. In 1985 Christian Schuster started his own photo studio, naturally as a still-lifer!

Since his field of activity was exclusively in the “dark” studio, he decided to pack his 8×10 inch Sinar camera for the first time in 1990 to undertake photo trips in the southwest of the USA. Here he created his “Landscapes” until 1995. Between 1994 and 1998 he had several exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Aachen and Cologne with photos of these journeys.

Works | Series

Landscapes – is Christian Schuster’s photo series, which he produced between 1990 and 1993 during his three photo journeys through the southwest of the USA. His main field of photography until then was studio photography, mainly for consumer electronics and food. His ambition was always not only to put products in the right perspective, but especially to recreate the “normal” light of our sun in the studio. So what could be more natural, after many years of bringing the light in from outside in a darkened studio, to just go out himself. He packed his Sinar P2 8×10 inch (a studio camera), about 20 film cassettes, numerous lenses, a tripod and off he went. He let the weather, the sun, a compass and the map guide him to the respective location. On the first day he searched for the camera position at the location and determined on the basis of the course of the sun at which time he would return to shoot the photo. Often it was wait-wait-wait for him. But with such breathtaking scenery, the wait is also a treat, he says.